PRODUCT FOCUS – Evolve VS: vertical sliding sash windows

Evolve VS – vertical sliding sash windows with the benefits of modern technology

A modern vertical sliding sash windows solution

Evolve VS vertical sash windows maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows, whilst incorporating the very best in modern technology to deliver the low maintenance and high security of PVCu without the problems associated with timber sash windows.

Quality-assured Evolve VS vertical sliding sash windows feature tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning, low-line beads and glazing gaskets for improved sight lines and energy efficient glass for enhanced thermal performance.

From terraced housing to stately homes, Evolve VS sash windows enable old-style properties to retain their heritage, character and charm. A wide range of styles, colours and hardware options can be specified, whilst providing the benefits of modern technology.

Many buildings have been disfigured by inappropriate window replacements that have not maintained the original design aesthetics of the property. Once installed, new Evolve VS sash windows blend into their surroundings. Sculptured astragal glazing bars, decorative sash horns, two smoothly sliding sashes and a choice of quality operating hardware options all add to the traditional appeal of Evolve VS sash windows.

Evolve VS sash windows from Synseal are guaranteed for 10 years and manufactured using the highest quality materials under ISO9001 accredited quality management systems.

Safe and secure vertical sliding sash windows

Evolve VS PVCu window frames are fully reinforced with aluminium and sliding sashes are reinforced with galvanised steel to resist de ection under extreme wind-loading conditions and carry the weight of the glass. In addition to strengthening the sashes, the galvanised steel reinforcement provides a strong, secure fixing for lifting handles, latches and other components.

High quality balances maintain the equilibrium of the sash window at any point of travel and robust locking devices ensure properties are secure. Evolve VS operating hardware is designed to give improved levels of strength and durability, safety and comfort to ensure that once installed the windows are built to last.

Image showing the Evolve VS - vertical sliding sash windows range

Evolve VS windows – key features:

  • Low maintenance PVC-U frames with traditional styling
  • A-rated as standard, with B or C also available (optional)
  • BSI Kitemarked
  • Fully featured sculptured pro les
  • Equal sight lines for top and bottom sashes
  • Choice of Georgian glazing bar designs
  • Easy-clean tilt facility, with tilt restrictors for safety
  • Double glazed with 24mm glass
  • Choice of sill sizes available: 154mm (standard), 150mm, 180mm and 225mm
  • Sill jointers for professional detailing
  • Decorative and run through sash horns (optional)
  • Trickle vents (optional)
  • Anti-jemmy security bar (optional)
  • Sash child/travel restrictors (optional)
  • Deep bottom rail for period styling (optional)
  • CE Marked
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Energy efficiency:

Incorporating brush seals around the openings for effective weatherproofing and draught exclusion, Evolve VS sash windows have an ‘A’ window energy rating (WER) as standard and optional A+, B or C WER ratings can be specified.

Evolve VS windows are lead free and choosing PVC-U over timber is an environmentally-friendly selection as the majority of end-of-life PVCu windows can be recycled over and over again to produce new windows.

Double glazing units:

Evolve VS sash windows are glazed with 24mm DG units as standard (4:16:4 pane and airgap configuration with Argon gas lling and Warm Edge spacer bar). Specification options include toughened or laminated Low-E glass for enhanced thermal performance. Diamond, square leaded, Georgian and Astragal bar options and obscured patterned glasses for added privacy are available.

Cross section: Evolve VS windows

Diagram showing Horizontal section through top sash

Colour & hardware options

Solid & Woodgrain colours

Evolve VS windows are available in WHITE PVCu profile or foiled woodgrain finishes to enhance Evolve VS windows with glossy, freshly-painted colour woodgrain or authentic woodgrain effects:


Hardware options

Evolve VS hardware is available in White, Gold, Chrome and Satin Chrome nishes. High quality balance weights and hardware are securely fixed to integral window frame reinforcements for reliable and smooth sliding sash operation, time after time.


Artisan woodgrain collection

Evolve VS windows are also available in the following Artisan colours and can be specified with White PVC-U on inside faces and woodgrain foiled nish on outside faces, see below:


Glazing bars

To achieve a traditional appearance, Evolve VS sash windows can be manufactured with a choice of internal or external Georgian glazing bars. Run through sash horns provide another decorative option for a truly authentic look.


Trickle vents

Slimline trickle ventilators can be fitted into the head of the top sash in the Evolve VS window to provide air ow and reduce condensation. 2000 or 4000mm2 trickle vent options can be specified in White, Brown or Caramel colours to provide ventilation and meet Building Regulations Part F1 for new dwellings. Alternatively, modular design trickle vents that clip neatly together can be incorporated to cater for wider window frames and provide 8000mm2 of ventilation, if required.

Window style options

Evolve VS windows are available in a variety of glazing bar configurations and shaped frame designs to suit the style of every property, including sizeable units for commercial buildings.

Equal sized top and bottom sashes (50/50 split) are standard, however windows can be manufactured with other split ratios to specification (minimum transom drop: 350mm).

Evolve VS window sizes:

Minimum width/height: 350mm x 800mm Maximum width/height: 1500mm x 2500mm

Fire escape minimum sizes:

Minimum width/height: 750mm x 1350mm

*Using constant force springs.

Chart showing sliding tilting sash window configurations

Image showing sash window tilt and slide opening

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