Don’t be duped by a clad-over conservatory roof.

Picture of a collapsed clad-over conservatory roofMake sure that you are aware of the potential dangers when supplying or buying a clad-over conservatory roof.

There are several methods of re-roofing an existing structure like a conservatory. The cheapest way is to simply wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is the most likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure. If you are considering supplying this solution, you should ensure that you can supply evidence about the stability of the structure with increased loading and satisfy the building control team.

We get lots of questions about this topic, so we thought that we’d compile the most common ones we’re asked about our SupaLite Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof System compared to a clad-over conservatory roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Once the roof is installed, is it strong enough to walk on?”

Yes, the roof will be strong enough to walk on. However, we recommend that you use a ply sheet or board to spread the weight evenly over the tiles.

“What is the best way to clean the tiled roof, without leaving marks?”

We recommend that you use an airline to clean the roof or alternatively, you can hose it down with water.

“What is the weight, per square meter, for a tiled roof?”

The weight of the tiled roof is 48kg per sqm, however, this may vary by roof style.

“What type of materials are the roof tiles made from?”

The tiles used on Supalite conservatory roofs are made of a steel base with a natural stone finish and an acrylic overgraze.

“Will the tiled roof rust over time?”

The tiled roof will not rust, as the Supalite roof is made of an aluminium structure. The advantage of using aluminium for conservatory roofing is the fact that this material does not rust

“Do you stick the tiles onto marine plywood?”

Yes, we use 12mm ‘Water Boil Proof’ (WBP) marine exterior grade plywood. WBP plywood is the ultimate weather resistant plywood.

“Why is the structure and support of the conservatory roof made of aluminium, rather than wood?”

The SupaLite roof is manufactured from structural aluminium which is a system designed to be pre-fabricated in our factory with structural connections.

“Will my existing window frames be strong enough to hold the Supalite tiled roof?”

Supalite roofs do not greatly differ in weight to a traditional conservatory roof and therefore 9 out of 10 window frames are suitable to carry the weight. The responsibility to ensure the window frames are suitable to carry the SupaLite Tiled Roof lies with the installation company/surveyor. They will carry out an assessment at point of order. An upgrade is available where structural mullions can be supplied, these ar designed to carry the weight of the roof directly to the foundations.

“Do I get a guarantee with the Supalite roof? If so, how long does this last and what is covered in the guarantee?”

We provide a 10-year guarantee with all of our Supalite roofs.

“Typically, how long does it take to install the Supalite conservatory roof?”

Typically, it would take 3 days to install a Supalite conservatory roof for a standard sized 4×4 Edwardian conservatory.

“Will it be possible to replace my existing windows after a new Supalite conservatory roof has been fitted?”

Yes, you can replace your current conservatory windows after your Supalite conservatory roof has been fitted providing structural mullions were fitted at point of installation of the roof

“Can I replace some of the windows with a brick wall after a Supalite conservatory roof has been installed?”

Yes, you can still replace your conservatory windows with a brick wall once your Supalite conservatory roof has been fitted.

“Will it be possible to remove the internal doors once the Supalite conservatory roof has been installed?”

It is still possible to remove the internal doors in your conservatory once the Supalite roof has been installed. However, you may need to check with your local authority.

“Is it safe to have a log burner fitted in my conservatory with a Supalite tiled conservatory roof?”

Yes, it is safe to have a log burner fitted in your conservatory after you have your Supalite roof installed.

“Will it make the room darker if I have a Supalite conservatory roof installed?”

There is a possibility that your room may be darker once you replace your existing roof with a Supalite conservatory roof, there are ways of making your new room lighter. This includes painting the ceiling in white, installing spot lights or a skylight to increase the flow of natural light into the conservatory?

“Will having a Supalite conservatory roof increase the value of my home?”

A Supalite conservatory will certainly increase the value of your home if it is fitted and supplied with a building regulations certificate.

“Do I need to get planning permission to install a Supalight conservatory roof?”

Planning permission is not required to install a Supalite conservatory roof, as you are only replacing a roof on your existing conservatory.

“Are building regulation plans included when I purchase a Supalite conservatory roof?”

No, although we can process building regulations application on behalf of your installer for a reduced fee based on what your local authority may charge. Please inform your installer at point of order if you require building regulations.

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If you have any other questions about our SupaLite Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof System or are concerned about the dangers of a clad-over conservatory roof, give one of our experts a call on 01953 451 888.

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