Global Summer Orangeries

The Global Summer Orangery is a design enhancement of the proven Global conservatory roof to provide a cost-effective orangery solution.

Global Summer orangeries deliver the distinguished look of a traditional orangery without the need for expensive parapet walls, leak prone flat roofs or the added engineering complexity of a lantern roof.

As simple to install as the rest of the Global range, Global Summer uses high-quality aluminium decorative gutter fascias and internal pelmet pods that hook onto the eaves beam to create a soffit feature detail. These unique pelmet pods provide a rigid former for plastering to and allow down-lighters or speakers to be incorporated into the internal soffit for added consumer appeal.



Elegant and pleasing on the eye, orangery buildings boast refined architectural shapes to achieve the height of sophistication

Originally designed to house and grow exotic fruits and plants, orangeries evolved into symbols of wealth and status. Nowadays they provide beautiful and stylish alternatives to traditional conservatory extensions.

Featuring a signature decorative orangery fascia on the outside and a perimeter ceiling on the inside, with a glazed lantern roof above, all the models in our orangery collection use the very latest building materials and modern construction techniques to provide a well balanced mix of style and design for living.

Our collection of orangery designs includes:

Integra orangeries

Beautiful brick built orangery with a traditional lantern roof.


Venetian orangeries

Classic style orangery with hi-tech glazed window walling.


Modena orangeries

Contemporary twist on an orangery with a designer look.


Rio orangeries

Elegant flat roofed design, with an eye-catching glazed lantern.


Two fitting options:

Global Summer has two main fitting options – raised line and low line – which alters the height that the decorative gutter fascia sits above the conservatory windows.


Raised line installation:

Raised line installations use the orangery eaves beam extender beneath a standard eaves beam to lift the roof 170mm over the frames and provide increased space between the pelmet pod internal soffit and the roof.

This increased height adds grandeur to Global Summer installations and delivers a more authentic orangery look.


Low line installation:

Low line installations use a bi-fold door support underneath the heavy duty eaves beam to keep the pelmet pod internal soffit in line with the conservatory’s gutter.

Low line is ideal when the overall conservatory height needs to be contained, or to fit in with a more compact property’s proportions.

Decorative pilasters

Decorative pilasters are an eye-catching feature which help to evoke the aesthetics of classical orangery design.


Manufactured in GRP and available in White, Blu White, Cream or Chartwell Green painted finishes, the pilasters perfectly complement the roof, include self-draining flutes and are a beautiful addition to any raised line Global Summer installation.

Designed to enable conservatory installers to offer an attractive and easy to install orangery solution – Global Summer provides stylish aesthetic appeal with additional practical benefits, such as incorporating downlighters into the pelmet section which add value and enhance the Global conservatory roof system.

Advantages of a Global Summer Orangery

  • Global Summer has been designed from the ground up to be as easy to fit as possible. We have carefully configured an internal soffit system that simply slots into place on the internal ring beam and allows for easy adjustment on site.
  • The pelmet pods provide the ideal former for plasterboard, providing a finish that feels solid and ‘properly built’. The system also provides easy access to the soffit void to make installation of lighting or speaker systems straight forward and hassle free. The decorative gutter fascia is manufactured in high-quality aluminium – made to stand the test of time.
  • Support for the decorative gutter fascia comes from ‘ultra-strong’ aluminium gutter brackets screwed into the ring beam that provide a reliable, premium looking product. We are confident that Global Summer is the easiest to install orangery system on the market, and eliminates ultra-fiddly finishing – letting you install quicker and to a higher standard that will delight your customers – and lead to more referral business.

The Direct Roof Systems Global Summer Orangery

Glazing Options


Nowadays nearly half of all new conservatories are fitted with a glass roof. Our wide range of roof glass options at competitive prices make it easy for you to order glass at the same time as the roof kit. One order, one invoice and we make sure the glass sizes are correct, so no waiting for glass sizes or mis-measures.

We offer the following glass options:

  • Clear
  • Low e-Clear
  • Low e-Bronze
  • Low-e Neutral Solar Control
  • Low-e Blue Solar Control
  • Low-e Aqua Solar Control
  • Low-e Bronze Solar Control
  • Self-Cleaning Glass (see blow)

Self-Cleaning Glass

Our range of self-cleaning and solar control glasses are the perfect choice for customers looking for the ultimate in glass solutions.

Every glass unit incorporates true, dual action

self-cleaning glass, which breaks down dirt and washes it away as illustrated in the diagrams shown above. Since the water does not form into droplets on its surface, this means that you can see clearly out of your windows even when it is raining. Additionally, when the water evaporates it doesn’t leave behind the usual dirty water droplet marks. The result is that windows stay cleaner for longer!

The self-cleaning coating is also applied as the glass is actually being manufactured. This means that it is fused into the surface and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane of glass, unlike the spray on ‘easy-clean’ coatings which wear off after a period of time and need to be re-applied.

How self-cleaning glass works: 

  • Actively breaks down organic dirt
  • Water sheets across its surface to wash dirt away
  • Clear vision even when it’s raining
  • Dirty water droplet marks are all but eliminated
  • No need to re-apply the self-cleaning coating