Global PVCu Conservatories

A Global Conservatory guarantees high quality, exceptional performance and ease of installation. The end result is a pleasing finish your customer will value and a cost-effective installation for the installer.

Global PVCu conservatories contain a number of advantages over competitor offerings. We extrude all Global PVCu parts as well as injection moulded products using the latest technology. This ensures quality and colour consistency in every installation.

Sight-lines are co-ordinated to ensure that the final product is aesthetically pleasing while designed from the ground up to fit together quickly and with ease. This ground up design means that from the point of order the Global product is shipped to destination in the minimum amount of time. The Global system was designed with innovation in mind.

Every modification to the design needed to make life easier for our customers while ensuring the final result pleased the end user. Global roof can be fitted to any Global window profile and shares many of the Shield system benefits ensuring whatever the application Global systems can be used seamlessly. Global has been engineered to allow installation from the inside. Only one bolt at each end of the glazing bar is used with no drilling.

Global PVCu Conservatories system from Direct Roofing

Technical benefits of the Global Conservatory Roof

An M8 fixing bolt in the central groove ensures rafters hook directly into position. This ensures security for the end user and a quick, cost-effective installation for the fabricator, installer and client. Even the new super heavy glazing section removes the need for steel reducing cost and increasing profitability on every job. These panels have been tested to 310kg placed directly onto the roof panel, the equivalent of over half a metre of snow on a glass panel of 780mm x 1800mm.

The innovations with Global PVCu Conservatories don’t stop there: the new 3 piece glass kit is like having an extra pair of hands, the wedge teeth holding the glass panels securely. The patented concealed gaskets mean inside or outside a Global Conservatory is bright white from all angles. Even the box gutter fixing plate requires no drilling for easy fixing and perfect finishes every time.

Global PVCu Conservatories Advantages:

  • Fast delivery
  • Ground up design
  • Ease of installation
  • Attractive finishes
  • No drilled holes means no leaks

Our Global PVCu Conservatories have been designed to be easy to fit and easy to sell. That’s what makes a Global PVCu conservatory the obvious choice for your projects.

Designed without compromise 

Using state-of-the-art design software, our Global PVCu conservatories are designed to take conservatories to the next level and are only limited by the homeowner’s imagination.

Every element of our Global PVCu Conservatories have been exhaustively tested and has been passed by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). To be sure it can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions, we put it, our standard roof forward for independent tests and the results far exceeded expectations.

Global PVCu Conservatories image

The UK’s No 1 best selling conservatory roof system.

The benefits of Global PVCu Conservatories

  • High strength rafters: Our rafter bars are designed for increased loads so you don’t have to compromise on design or weather performance.
  • Aluminium top caps: Our woodgrain and painted top cappings are made from aluminium so will not warp or distort under extreme heat or split under extreme cold.
  • Single fixing bolt: We don’t think it’s a good idea to drill holes in something that should be watertight. The unique single fixing bolts are fastened internally for easy and quicker installation. We do not penetrate the main aluminium rafter so there are no fixing holes for water to ingress through.
  • Tie bolt: Our precision engineered security locking bolt eradicates movement between the bolt and rafter, to give a strong and rigid anti-slip joint connection.
  • Low level gasket system: No one wants to look at their conservatory roof and see thick black gaskets around every glazing bar. That’s why we have designed our roof with concealed gaskets.
  • Perfect lead flashing: The starter bar is designed to leave a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting the house and conservatory. The lead dresses into a built-in soaker forming a watertight seal and no lead needs to be dressed over the top cap, therefore preventing any unsightly lead lines or staining.
  • End caps: Our end caps have a shoulder around the visible face for a more attractive appearance and have been designed with built-in drainage to relieve any trapped water.
  • Variable valley: The valley is designed to suit varying pitches and angles and is cloaked internally and externally to give an attractive aesthetic finish.
  • Insulated box gutter: Our unique box gutter is twin skinned and insulated to cut condensation.
  • No drilled holes: A special fixing plate means, unlike other roofs, no holes are drilled in the gutter – so no leaks and its large 205mm wide design also helps it to cope with extreme rain water demands. The double skin construction also increases strength and reduces sound pollution through the gutter.

Popular Conservatory Styles

Your individual customer’s house and tastes will differ, so we can design a conservatory roof, which will suit their home perfectly.

Victorian Conservatory

A bay fronted duo-pitched roof with a central ridge, normally with three or five facets at the front.

Available in sizes up to 6.5m wide.


P-shaped Conservatory

A combination shaped roof, which we will usually construct from a lean-to section at the side of a Victorian/Edwardian shaped roof. This creates a versatile and attractive living space.


Georgian or Edwardian Conservatory

A square fronted duo-pitch roof with a central ridge. A style that maximises floor space.

Available in sizes up to 6.3m wide.


Gable Conservatory

Gable Ended roofs are a variant of the Edwardian style roof and consist of duo-pitched sides with a flat faced frontage. These can include the use of a decorative designed gable frame.


Lean-to Conservatory

A conservatory with a mono pitched roof, which can be varied making it a versatile option. We can even cope with pitches as low as 2.5 degrees.


Lantern Conservatory

Very distinguishable by its two tiered roofs, the stylish Lantern conservatory design adds even more light, height, space and grandeur to the sun room and the house that it sits alongside.


T-shaped Conservatory

Another combination roof style. Our T-shaped conservatories are aesthetically balanced and create a versatile living space.


Custom Designed Conservatory

Our conservatory roofs are bespoke manufactured, so whatever your customer may have in mind, our technical and design teams can help you evaluate design options and find the best possible solution.


Coloured Global PVCu conservatories to suit every home style

We offer conservatories in traditional woodgrain and painted effect foils in a wide range of colours to complement your customer’s home.

A world of possibilities: With the added option to powder-coat the aluminium system with any RAL colour – so your customers have a world of colour options open to them.

The colours shown below are designed as a guide to the Woodgrain and Artisan Woodgrain Collection. Before making your final decision, please ensure you have seen a foil swatch.

Conservatory roof glazing


Nowadays nearly half of all new conservatories are fitted with a glass roof.

Our wide range of roof glass options at competitive prices make it easy for you to order glass at the same time as the roof kit. One order, one invoice and we make sure the glass sizes are correct, so no waiting for glass sizes or mis-measures.

We offer the following glass options:

  • Clear
  • Low e-Clear
  • Low e-Bronze
  • Low-e Neutral Solar Control
  • Low-e Blue Solar Control
  • Low-e Aqua Solar Control
  • Low-e Bronze Solar Control
  • Self-Cleaning Glass (see blow)

Self-Cleaning Glass

Our range of self-cleaning and solar control glasses are the perfect choice for customers looking for the ultimate in glass solutions.

Every glass unit incorporates true, dual action self-cleaning glass. This breaks down dirt and washes it away as illustrated in the diagrams opposite. Since the water does not form into droplets on its surface, you can see clearly out of your windows even when it is raining. Additionally, when the water evaporates it doesn’t leave behind the usual dirty water droplet marks. The result is that windows stay cleaner for longer!

The self-cleaning coating is also applied as the glass is actually being manufactured. This means that it is fused into the surface and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane of glass. Unlike the spray on ‘easy-clean’ coatings which wear off after a period of time and need to be re-applied.

How self-cleaning glass works: 

• Actively breaks down organic dirt 

• Water sheets across its surface to wash dirt away 

• Clear vision even when it’s raining 

• Dirty water droplet marks are all but eliminated 

• No need to re-apply the self-cleaning coating


Polycarbonate is a light weight insulating glazing material manufactured from damage resistant material. Added protection provides resistance against the effects of UV weathering.

Our computer systems calculate the exact size of the polycarbonate you require. This ensures that there are no errors at the fitting stage. Your polycarbonate will be delivered at the same time as your roof. Polycarbonate is available in a range of styles to suit all customers and in 25mm or 35mm.

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