Aluminium Door Systems

The essential characteristics of aluminium make it an ideal material for the construction of door frame systems.

Aluminium is light, strong, durable and requires minimal maintenance. Aluminium is flexible and easy to handle – this gives it tremendous potential for design. Aluminium can be curved, tapered, extruded and cut to the most challenging and dynamic geometries. Where it is cut, the aluminium’s innate resistance to corrosion means that the trimmed edge does not need to be protected. It can be finished in a vast range of colours through powder coating or anodising.

Our expertise in profile design means that we have a huge and fully integrated product range that provides visually stunning yet cost effective solutions to almost any application from a domestic conservatory right through to high rise building envelopes. With the earliest installations of aluminium in construction still withstanding the test of time after well over 100 years, it is evident that aluminium is a genuinely “long life” product. However, when it does come to the end of its life, recycling is easy, energy efficient and total.


Our HINGED aluminium door frame systems:


SAPA Crown Residential Aluminium Door

We brought all of our design expertise to bear to create a modern classic – elegant residential aluminium doors, made from the most durable and strong material offering long-lasting and highly secure performance.


SAPA Dualframe 75 HP Aluminium Door

Suitable for both the domestic and light commercial markets, the Dualframe 75 HP (High Performance) Aluminium Door can be used to achieve both traditional and contemporary styling. Designed to ensure compatibility with a wide range of hardware, the High Performance Door also meets “Secured By Design” specification.


SAPA Stormframe ST II Aluminium Door

The Stormframe ST II Aluminium Door system builds on the success of its predecessor, the popular ST door, improving the already exceptional. Further improvements mean the ST II door is capable of achieving a U value of 1.8 W/m²K.


SAPA 202 Non Thermally Broken Aluminium Door

The Sapa 202 Non-thermally Broken Commercial Entrance Door and Framing range includes an aluminium non-thermally broken door and non-thermally broken framing. Together they offer specifiers a choice of configurations to suit the specific demands of their clients.

Our SLIDING aluminium door frame systems:


SAPA Crown Sliding Patio Aluminium Door

Featuring a number of aesthetic, functional and installation benefits, our Crown sliding patio doors are the key to bringing the outside and inside together. Engineered for strength, stability, performance and aesthetics, these wide opening aluminium sliding doors let you enjoy the best views and, with our strong yet slim frame design, the light floods in too.


SAPA C160 High Performance Thermally Insulated Sliding Aluminium Door

The C160 is a high performance, thermally insulated aluminium sliding door system with a user friendly slide action. The system, with an attractive aesthetic line, is durable, stable and remarkably energy efficient. The C160 was designed to offer high end aluminium sliding doors with large glass surfaces and heavy glass loads with minimal sightlines.


SAPA Artline Sliding Aluminium Door

Elegantly bringing the outside inside, the Artline Aluminium Sliding Door is art with a purpose – quality, lightness and comfort. It’s design implies a conscious effort to create an art object that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Creative both in its design and in its effect on the building and the user, Artline is contemporary architecture at its best.

The Artline aluminium sliding door system is made of insulated aluminium profiles and is developed for large glass walls to open up any room. The aluminium threshold is lowered into the floor and the frame is built in inside the walls at the sides to give the impression of no frames, giving the illusion of the outside, inside.


SAPA Hawk Sliding Aluminium Door for Large Commercial Installations

Traditionally for large commercial installations, Hawk Aluminium Sliding Doors are set on stainless steel rollers, running on individual aluminium tracks. These may be fitted individually or as part of multi-entrance shop-fronts, garage doors or office screens.

Hawk Sliding Doors can work in dual product combinations and may operate in by-passing mode, using individual tracks, or in bi-parting mode using a common track. These combinations allow multiple functions to be achieved whether the doors are used as ventilation, access or for large openings.