Help your customers massively improve their home energy efficiency, by installing our windows and doors.

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Why is improving UK Home Energy Efficiency important?

Logo of the Glass and Glazing FederationIn research done by The Glass and Glazing Federation “Homes are currently responsible for around 28% of UK CO2 emissions, contributing to the impact of climate change.”

With rising energy costs, cold homes and the results of global warming on our TV’s every night, all homeowners are having to improve their home energy efficiency.

How we’re helping to improve home energy efficiency with our PVCu windows and doors

We’re helping to address these important issues. Our windows cleverly include some non-visible recycled PVCu window content, such as the reinforcement bars that are fitted inside the opening frame profiles to provide added strength and thermal efficiency. Unlike some other options out there, our PVCu windows can be recycled up to 10 times with a total lifespan of 400 years!

Our windows and doors help improve home energy efficiency by helping to reduce carbon footprint and energy bills in lots of clever ways.

Top environmental credentialsLogo for British Fenestration Rating Council Green Guide A rating

Our products come top of the class when it comes to environmental credentials. They have been awarded an energy rating of up to A+ and are made of a material that’s achieved a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) Green Guide A rating.

But there’s even more. Our products are designed to provide excellent U-value ratings for their efficiency at keeping the heat in your home – and the very best levels of Window Energy Rating (WER).

Planet-friendly features

Our products are packed full of clever features like plastic thermal reinforcements made from 100% recycled material to keep in more heat, to advanced glass that can reflect heat back into your home and capture free heat from the sun through solar gain. Most importantly, our products are also designed so that they can be collected and recycled back into new PVCu products.

Energy efficient Composite GRP door ratingsEnergy Efficient Composite Doors too:

Our Benchmark composite door is the perfect way to improve the energy efficiency of any home. As standard, our doors without glazing panels enjoy an A+ rating while glazed doors carry a still comparatively impressive B rating. You will also see a U-value rating on all our doors which is a technical measurement of heat loss through a structural element. The lower the U-value the better the energy efficiency!

UK Energy Efficiency iconLook out for this icon – Low E, energy efficient glazing available as standard. Wherever you see this icon in our glazing options, we will supply our Low E, Argon filled units without any extra cost.

Glazing in a GRP composite door will always reduce its thermal efficiency but by installing our Low E option, we can help negate that effect, which is better for the environment and better for your pocket.

Image showing Composite Door Emissions Heat Map

This heat map image shows the thermal efficiency of a Benchmark door  blue being the most energy efficient and showing very little heat loss!

If you need any more information about ensuring that the windows, doors or conservatory that you are fitting is energy efficient, talk to one of the team of specialists at Direct Roof Systems by calling 01953 451 888 or fill in our ENQUIRY FORM >

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