PVCu Casement Windows

Every house has its own unique character, a character that can be sympathetically enhanced by the addition of perfect PVCu Casement Windows!

We specialise in helping our Trade Customers make homes more secure and beautiful. Windows can make a powerful statement – subtle, bold, restrained or dynamic, we will work with you to ensure that whatever your choice of style, that statement is quality.

We achieve this by manufacturing our ‘Legend 70’ PVCu Casement Windows to an exceptional standard. Our track record proves that to ‘replace’ really can be to ‘upgrade’. Our PVCu Casement Window products put the elegance into energy efficiency, the style into security and a lifetime of enjoyment into high performance.

So whether your customer is looking for more of a wow factor, more security or to add more value to their home, we’ll help you achieve their aims.


Our casement windows have achieved accreditation from the British Board of Agrément, the organisation that decides which building products are fit for purpose.

By selecting windows and doors manufactured from PVC-U rather than other alternative framing materials, you can be confident that these products will never flake, peel, rust or rot and they will provide beautiful good looks and maintenance freedom for many years to come.

Ensure that you install the most secure replacement PVCu casement windows and doors.

Logo for BSI Kitemark PAS24 CertificateBritish Standard Institute BS 7950 certified casement windows

Not every replacement casement window system comes with the BS 7950 standard to demonstrate a superior security performance. Not all replacement doors come with PAS 24 accreditation for enhancing the security of your home. Not every replacement door comes with an optional upgrade to Police approved “Secured by Design” locking technology. Ours do.

Yale window locks as standard

Imagine a home with windows that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful – and as elegant as they are energy efficient. By replacing existing windows with our PVCu casement windows, you’ll be able to make any home quieter, safer and more secure.

Green Guide A-rated PVCu Casement Windows

They’ll sense the difference too, because our windows come with a Green Guide A rating, so they’ll help to shrink energy bills. This warm feeling will last as long as their new windows. Throughout their long lifespan, they’ll remain as virtually maintenance-free, efficient and attractive as they were on day one.

So by replacing windows with windows from DCS, you can add more value to any home.


Triple Glazing Bead option

Energy Saving – Less Noise – More Secure

Capable of achieving a a U-value of 0.8 or less

Triple glazing is one of the newest products in our range. Representing the latest that the industry can offer in terms of technologically advanced systems. This product provides the same look as a standard double glazed casement window but with massively better thermal performance figures.

Triple glazing is far superior in terms of thermal efficiency than standard glazing options approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-rated double glazed windows, and 40% more than standard A-rated double glazing – therefore saving your clients thousands on heating bills and providing you the opportunity to sell a higher margin product.

Triple glazing also provides a number of secondary benefits over standard double glazing options such as :-

According to the GGF Energy Savings Calculator standard A Rated windows could save your customers around £7400 on their energy bill and 23 tonnes of carbon over the next 20 years, but triple glazing is 40% more thermally efficient so the potential savings are even higher still!

Our triple glazing upgrade …

  • can accommodate a 36mm unit in Synerjy system
  • can accommodate a 40mm unit in Legend system
  • can accommodate a 40mm unit in Shield system
  • is capable of achieving a U-value of 0.8 or less
  • will improved acoustic deadening
  • maintains slim attractive appearance of a fully sculptured system
  • improves security and strength with extra 12-14mm
  • reduce to virtual non-existence, internal pane condensation
  • be fitted to any Synseal window system design
  • potentially fit to Global and Shield Roof systems (with strengthened bars to carry the extra load)

Colour options


In addition to White, we offer three woodgrain shades with our windows and doors – elegant Mahogany, warm Golden Oak and gorgeous Cherrywood.

Expressing yourself with these colours isn’t limited to just one selection. For example you can specify White on the inside and your woodgrain colour of choice on the outside.

So your PVCu windows and doors will look great from every angle.

All of our colour options deliver the practical advantages of PVC-U windows – energy efficiency, security and low maintenance.

Artisan woodgrain collection

Want to live life in full colour? Now you can do exactly that, with a bigger choice of colours for your replacement windows and doors.

13 eye-catching Artisan shades are available, gorgeous, striking colours like Green, Grey and Cream, or our sumptuous selection of woodgrains such as Rustic Cherry, Irish Oak, AnTeak and Antique Oak. You decide.

Our woodgrain finishes are so fine that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing!

Specify dual colour if you want to enjoy the brightness of white on the inside frame faces and a striking colour finish on the outside.

Alternatively for added impact, bring the colour indoors by opting for your chosen colour on both sides.

Our Artisan range really lets you make a design statement. Coupled with all the long-lasting quality and exceptional security of PVC-U windows and doors, it’s proof that quality and beauty belong together.

To create added impact with your replacement windows and doors, just add a splash of colour!

PVCu casement windows woodgrain and colour range collection image

Hardware options

We offer an extensive choice of operating hardware for our replacement PVCu casement windows.

These practical fine details that can make all the difference between a nice change to a home – and a truly stunning one.

With hardware options in Gold, White or Chrome finishes, you’ll find exactly the right match for your particular taste and preferred style. Choose easy-to-use locking mechanisms that feel just right.

Get your hands on our shapely window and door handles that will finish your any window installation to perfection.



Direct Roof Systems are the number one Manufacturer and Trade supplier of uPVC, PVCu, PVC and Aluminium fenestration products in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties! We are the only company in East Anglia who can guarantee the highest production quality and exceptional performance for our products. This means you can source locally, quickly and cost-effectively. Plus you’ll get the best installation support for these roof and glazing systems.

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