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Our Supalite roof system now comes with the ability use building control body jhai Ltd to supply you with a Building Regulations Certificate for your replacement roof installation.

BUILDING CONTROL – the facts about replacement roofs

Around 90% of local councils and building control authorities now insist on a building control certification for replacement conservatory roofs.

As you probably know, to put this through your local council building control department can be somewhat expensive with typical fees to the home owner in excess of £400.

By taking the stress and uncertainty out of the situation, SupaLite, working together with our partner jhai ltd, a licensed approved inspector, can facilitate the complete building control certification process on your behalf.

SupaLite jhai System Approval CertificateTHE FACTS

  • Following a vigorous assessment of the roof system by an approved jhai inspector, the home owner is safe in the knowledge that the structure is sound and that there are no building control issues if the home was ever to be sold.
  • Conservatory roof conversions without a building regulations certificate can cause additional cost and major delays when selling a property.
  • A building control certificate can provide peace of mind that the installation conforms to all current regulations. We hope that this provides you, the home owner, with the confidence that you are buying thorough a reputable company.
  • Building regulations certificates are only ever issued by companies that offer a complete roof replacement.

The vigorous system approval process undertaken by jhai allows them to sample inspect installations and use remote inspection techniques, such as photographs for other installations. To support a randomised sample inspection process jhai undertake rigorous assessment of installers and the installation process as part of their system approval certification.Image showing 5 step process for SupaLite Roof Building Control

THE DANGERS OF NOT HAVING a Building Control Approved Roof

There are many structural dangers and downsides to not having a building control approved roof with jhai certification.

Common problems range from mould and condensation through to a total roof collapse. Below we have tried to list just a small number of the pro’s and con’s between the different construction methods available.Table showing the Building Control Approved Roof

MAKE SURE YOUR SUPALITE ROOF INSTALLATION HAS A BUILDING CONTROL BUILDINGS REGULATION CERTIFICATE – Talk to one of the team of specialists at Direct Roof Systems by calling 01953 451 888 or download a Building Control Information Sheet CLICK HERE >

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